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Zoned Bicolor Mica w/ Lepidolite


Mica is a mineral found all over the world and is either combined with other minerals or stands alone. It is noted for being rather soft on the hardness scale and it often grows in sheets and is prone to flaking.  It is a mineral that promotes a strong self-reflective quality and helps you to look at mankind with compassion and empathy. 

 It also is a mineral that helps to see the details of a situation so you may better understand all aspects of things. It helps promote flexibility in all realms of the self, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It also does absorb negativity, particularly in healing work and can be used to grid areas of the earth that are prone to trauma.  

Lepidolite is a stone that brings calm to the mind and helps slow and center the thoughts of over-thinkers. It brings self-love and acceptance and assists the mind in many ways. For those struggling with anxiety, this stone is for you.

Part of the mica family, specifically lithium, Lepidolite forms in flat, stacked sheets or 'books.' Because of its lithium content, Lepidolite has a direct effect during meditation when placed over the Third Eye. 

Lepidolite is a powerful healer with a tranquil energy that brings calm and balance. If you suffer from chronic over-thinking, have an overactive brain, mental restlessness, or obsessive thoughts, try sleeping with Lepidolite or wear/carry it with you during the day. Having this stone on or near your person is a decisive step toward eliminating the tendency of mental over-activity. Lepidolite also helps stabilize moods and reduce stress. For this reason, it is an excellent stone for depression. In addition, it helps balance emotions and releases past traumas. The calming energy that Lepidolite offers can ease insomnia suffering as well.

When challenges or issues arise in life, Lepidolite can help you manage stress by creating a space for you to stay centered during difficult moments. The serene energy allows you to feel complete again, giving a sense of overall well-being. It collects and absorbs negative energy and promotes the generation of positive ions. 

Lepidolite activates the Throat Chakra. Also associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, it promotes dreams and supports intuitive and psychic gifts.

 Country of Origin: Brazil 

2.996 oz (84.9g)

 Roughly: 3" x 1.75" (7.6cm x 4.4cm)

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