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Danburite - Yellow

Danburite - Yellow


Yellow Danburite is a rare mineral that has only been found in Southern Africa today, which makes working with this stone all the more special.

Upon holding this mineral, you may begin noticing your mind becoming apparent. The longer you work with the stone, the sharper your focus becomes, allowing you an opening of significant thought and work to occur. All “noise” leaves the brain, yet that’s only the beginning. This stone will help you focus and think more clearly about what needs to be done. It will also help you connect with what needs to be done– near, far, and very far in the future.

It’s an excellent stone for planning a future life, as it fills you with clarity and common sense.

Another extraordinary feature of this mineral is the connection and ability with essential human struggles towards developing identity.

Human beings are constantly working through identity issues and plagued by different forms of insecurities and co-dependence, existing on multiple, finite levels of our being. This stone cuts through this all and develops your solar plexus chakra into a mature, dimensional experience that transcends ordinary humanity.

The solar plexus is also the gateway to I AM presence, known as the Christ Consciousness. Among other things, it’s a state of par-excellence for positive manifestation, pushing you to be your best, ideal self by reminding you never to give and always move forward. In addition, this mineral aids with clearing and cleaning the aura, as it helps with releasing doubt and fears in your mind. It can help you become excited about the path ahead and desire to “climb every mountain.” While being a power stone, it’s also a complete stone that can remind you how power is an illusion if not accompanied by love.

Extra Small:  1-2g (0.035-0.071 oz)
Small: 2-4.5g (0.071-0.159 oz)
Small/ Medium: 4.5-7g (0.159-0.247 oz)

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