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Tugtupite - Pendant


Tugtupite - This rare stone is known as the stone of passion. It is only currently found in Greenland and is considered sacred in their culture. There is a legend from the Inuit of Greenland that lovers can cause the stone to glow red with the heat of their passion, and that the vibrance of the stone can reflect the intensity of their love.

It is a pink stone that can also have a black and white matrix. It fluoresces under black light. This stone enables you to chase your passions—in life, in work, in relationships. It is a stone that fosters self-love, and then allows you to share that unconditional love with your surroundings. It stimulates compassion, both for others and for the self. It enhances self-expression. While it is not a stone for sympathy, it does facilitate understanding. It is known to reawaken forgotten feelings of love, and release tension and anxiety.

This stone acts to open and cleanse the heart Chakra. When using the stone, you may experience strong feelings of grief and sorrow when opening your heart Chakra. This allows those emotions to be released and enables impressive spiritual growth. It stabilizes your equilibrium and relieves physical symptoms of motion sickness, while also preventing falls, and increasing agility and mobility. It is used for treating stress and eliminating emotional disturbances. It works to stimulate growth in houseplants and bring fresh energy to its surroundings.

 0.321 oz (9.1g)

Roughly: 1.75" x 1" (4.4cm x 2.5cm)

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