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Spirit Quartz - Sunset Aura

Spirit Quartz - Sunset Aura


Quartz, Sunset Aura - This man-enhanced quartz is known for it’s primarily orange, metallic color, and in the family of aura Quartz that includes Tangerine aura, Melon aura, Golden aura mist or Citrus blossom aura quartz. It’s a quartz base usually bonded with gold and iron and can have pinkish, yellow tones under the orange.

This crystal is good for providing emotional clarity and bringing to the surface hidden emotions that are blocking you. It aligns with your higher principles and allows you to be true to yourself. It can provide an abundance of energy when you’re feeling depleted and invigorates from outside to in. It’s a great stone for stoking creativity and can be used in the process of successful, creative endeavors. It’s also very clearing for the energy field and good towards helping clear the mind of any unwanted distractions caused by emotional concerns.

Approx. 1.5 x 1.25"

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