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Stichtite - Tumbled

Stichtite - Tumbled


Stichtite- Blends the vibrations of love, forgiveness, and spiritual illumination, linking the heart and crown Chakras. It assists in protection from negativity and is a stone of forgiveness. This stone can soften hardened attitudes and release stubborn tendencies to see from another point of view. Stichtite is a stone of love, unity, and cooperation. It helps one overcome reluctance to ask for support and enables one to be more compassionate towards those who need assistance. This stone calms the nervous system, it aids one in releasing tension headaches or muscular tension associated with stress.

Small: 3-4.5g (0.105-0.159 oz)
Small/ Medium: 4.5-7g (0.159-0.247 oz)
Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)

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