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Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz - Angel Aura


Quartz, Spirit- This quartz is also referred to as cactus quartz, it has a faceted terminated point encrusted with hundreds of smaller crystal termination points. It mostly made up of Amethyst, and can also be citrine, smoky, rose, and clear quartz. There are many colors of spirit quartz and they also bring the associated qualities of each of the minerals.

It is a crystal of harmony and alignment. It amplifies energy of other crystals, and help to align the aura, Chakras, and the physical body. It can be used to fill voids and get rid of negative energies with positive white light. These crystals can be used in meditation to provide insights with family or community problems. During meditation it can assist in providing protection from mental and physical harm and assist one in maintaining a field of protection. It is a great stone to have for those employed in a helping profession, as it stimulates a group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together. It is great for helping you through difficult experiences and brings understanding of the process and assisting in the transition.

It has been used to move sickness from the body to a location which transforms the disorder from negativity to positive energy. Spirit Quartz has been used for astral projection and for dreaming. Has also been used to determine past-life connections with others, it has also provided information concerning future lives with specific actions and activities and with specific people. It has been used in the treatment of stress disorders, throat infections, bruxism, “happy” Phobia, and disease of the larynx.


Quartz, Angel Aura - This quartz is part of the Aura Quartz family of the alchemist practice to adhere metals to members of the quartz family.  Other names of this mineral include Opal Aura or even Rainbow aura.  All varies of this mineral mainly contain platinum vaporized over quartz and sometime gold and silver are added depending on the variation. 

This mineral is deeply purifying on a spiritual level and brings about spiritual awareness and growth.  It is a stone of positivity and optimism, uplifting and tranquil.  It is associated with romance and love and can be very useful when trying to bring these energies in to your life.  It is cleansing and balancing to the aura and chakras and brings a quality of integration to the energy field.  It can facilitate a state of awareness during meditation so one can “move” the deeper parts of their consciousness and integrate fully.  It does connect one with the angelic realms, higher knowledge and the acknowledgement of beauty. 

0.799 oz (22.6g)

Roughly: 1.5" x 1" (3.8cm x 2.5cm)

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