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Garnet - Spessartine, Beaded Garnet

Garnet - Spessartine, Beaded Garnet


Garnet – Garnet comes in many formations and colors, red being the most common.  Garnet is plentiful and has a long relationship as a semi-precious gemstone for healing and jewelry.  It is a powerful mover of energy and can blast energy through the most stagnant of energy blocks.  Its deep red color makes it idea for healing and use with the root chakra, and it's particularly useful in working with the energy of the feet and legs.  It helps you to create structure on the physical plane; so one may better accomplish tasks, dreams, and desires. It also clears the root chakra and aids in understanding complications with fundamental issues such as fear, anger, and stability. It is excellent for people who are experiencing a situation of being in crisis and feeling trapped or they have no way out.  It dispels hopelessness and it instills courage.  It helps you to connect with past life and current self-limiting patterns that are no longer serving you.  It helps you to remove the limiting inhibitions or taboos and helps you to be more present and confident.  Excellent in promoting blood flow and working with stabilizing the heart and lungs. 

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