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Sodalite - Tumbled

Sodalite - Tumbled


Sodalite is a very intellectual and rational stone, allowing you to come from your center with regards to both sides and wade through facts and detail until you find the underlying truth. It cuts through chaos of the mind and makes the truth visible.  Sodalite is “etheric soap”, cleaning and clearing the aura and meridians with specific emphasis on the mental energy and mind.  It also purifies the physical body and the emotions, thus being an excellent clearing agent for those who process their emotions with their mind.  It also encourages gentle alignment and centering, allowing you to connect with your own inner wisdom.  This experience is useful for those who need to understand the deeper workings of people, relationships and situations that might not be what they seem or where there is emotional conflict.  It is a stone to help you to know and speak your truth, with particular regard with emotions.  It’s connection to speaking truth also help connect it to the throat chakra.  It promotes lightheartedness and cuts through the desire to take certain things too seriously.  It will take a program in this regard, allowing you to choose what you need to lighten up about.  Its gentle clearing nature make it a good third-eye stone for those who need to rest their mind in meditation, yet still need to create a space for answers to emerge. It is useful for those who are homesick or feel inclined to homelessness and can especially speak to the energy of “all who wander are not lost.” It is useful for calcium deficiencies in the body and strengthening the teeth.  It could be used to support the healing of artery walls.  It will clear the gall bladder meridian, and has potential to clear other meridians. 

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