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Scheelite - Polished, A Grade, Slabs


Scheelite- can be used to align the chakras; it grounds you through the Root Chakra and stimulates the Crown Chakra thus enhancing spiritual awareness. It can also provide alignment between the seven Chakras and enhance recognition and communication of the needs of each Chakra. This stone can be used to dispel haughtiness and also initiate serious, connected thought patterns. It facilitates punctuality and can aid in delivering a product on time. Scheelite simulates the female energies and can further be used to balance excess male tendencies. Scheelite is a stone of freedom and expansion, helping you break free from constraints. It has been used in the treatment of the lower back and has helped to get rid of blockages in the nerve structure. It has also been used to treat disorders in the male reproductive system.

Small: 4-6g (0.141-0.211 oz)
Small/ Medium: 6-8g (0.211 -0.282 oz)
Medium: 8-10g (0.282- 0.352 oz)
Medium/Large: 10-12g (0.352-0.423 oz)
Large: 12-14g (0.423- 0.493 oz)
Large/Extra Large: 14-17 g (0.493- 0.599 oz)

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