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Purple Scapolite

Scapolite - Purple, Small Rough



Purple Scapolite is known as the stone of atonement.  It is excellent for those who need to forgive themselves for deeds committed in this or previous incarnations.  This action is also part of developing and healing issues around self-worth.  It brings mercy and release with divine blessings. It is excellent for the crown chakra, promoting higher spiritual pursuits.  It also helps develop deeper friendships that carry a spiritual bond and the stone emanates love.  It assists one in gaining insight and understanding of current and past karmic lessons.  It balances yin yang energies and encourages positivity.  It can be used to access past lives and wisdom regarding human potential.  It can help you find empowerment through higher awareness and connection with the higher self.  It can aid with automatic writing and spiritual communications and can really open the third-eye when used in meditation.  It can help with age-related and mobility issues. Used in healing carpel tunnel. 

Price is determined by weight.  All pieces under 1" or 2.5cm 

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