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Rutile is one of the most reparative minerals for the human energy field. This high-frequency stone crystallizes in grains, masses, prismatic, and long needle-like crystals. Usually, black to red/brown, Rutile is known for the golden, straw-like fibers piercing it in all directions. It is powerful in accelerating clairsentience, channeling, intuition, and psychic abilities. It speeds up the manifestation process by amplifying pure intentions and consciousness.

Called a "stone for stabilization," Rutile brings balance to relationships and mental processes. It supports growth during the process of personal development and brings out strength in love during times of transition. Rutile helps repair damaged relationships either through forgiveness or release. It should be noted, due to the intense awareness that Rutile can open up, some may experience disorientation when working with this stone.

Psychic opening, emotional catharsis, and even inter dimensional travel are possible with Rutile. This stone aids in gaining knowledge from a spiritual origin and grounds light energy on the cellular level. It can heal and balance the aura when used in crystal healing by repelling negative energy. It gives the user awareness of their shared power in the universe.

Rutile is the mineral par excellence for repairing the energy field. It connects with and repairs areas of the energy field that have ruptured or worn down. It prepares the energy field for healing by activating the inner healing mechanism and creating the structure to adhere to.

If you want to recall your dreams or understand the reason for the scenes and locations of your dreams, Rutile can bring clarity and understanding. It is also excellent for astral travel and for use during meditation.

Country of Origin: Brazil

3.845 oz (109g)

Roughly: 3.25" x 2" (8.2cm x 5cm)

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