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Rose Quartz - Aura

Rose Quartz - Aura


This man enhanced crystal is made by bonding Platinum on quartz. There are other versions of this crystal; often called Transformation aura, Universal aura or pink Paradise aura. This crystal is very clearing to the psychic senses, with particular emphasis on the stimulation of the pineal gland.

It’s also open to the universal love vibration and strengthens connection between the heart and mind. It has a very loving vibe and aligns you with the cosmic ray of divine love. It’s very healing to the heart and can help you to release sadness from either this lifetime, or other lifetimes.

It also transmutes self doubt and helps bring about self love. It can help call forth repressed parts of the self and open you up to higher forms of love. It carries the vibrational energy of transformation and penetrates deeply into the subtle bodies; allowing alignment on a soul level.

Approx. 2.25" x 1.25"

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