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Quartz - Chlorite Inclusion, Double Terminated

Quartz - Chlorite Inclusion, Double Terminated


Quartz - Chlorite Inclusion – The combined energy of quartz and chlorite make this one of the most healing minerals found on the planet. Together these stimulate the state of inspiration, cooperation, and actualization. These powerful crystals bring the healing energies of the Earth to all situations and areas of life. These are considered to be a tremendous stone for abundance, and it is suggested that keeping one of these in a money pouch will aid in doing so. This combination is useful for cleansing the aura and when paired with Amethyst, helps to remove undesirable energies implants. The Chlorite quickly heals the void after the removal of the energy. This crystal closely supports the Heart Chakra and second, the Third Eye Chakra. These minerals resonate with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, allowing one’s heart and brain to move into a coherent rhythm with the planet. Chlorite Quartz crystals are excellent for psychic surgery due to their crystalline form and energy channeling properties. They help protect the body from harmful radiation during radiation therapy and stabilize the energy field and physical body. The high-frequency soul energy channeled by this crystal can aid in connecting with one’s healing guides to receive information and healing energy. Par excellence for meditating, especially during times of self-healing, regeneration, grounding and a desire for connecting with the Earth and Nature Spirits.

Quartz- Double Terminated- A ‘DT’ is a crystal which has grown a point on both ends.  It has formed freely in the ground, not growing in a matrix or in a cluster.  It is unique in this way and it brings the user a sense of independence, uniqueness and the ability to stand on their own.  Therefore it is excellent in helping to release co-dependent or needy tendencies.  A DT is excellent for protection.  It can help one to strengthen their energy/auric field.  It is most useful in assisting in releasing cords from others.  Cords occur as an energetic tie between humans and need to be released daily.  DT’s are most useful with the strongest and deepest of cords from pervasive energies.

Country of Origin: Brazil

This formation contains a bridge, a key, and a window.

1.049 oz (29.75g)

Roughly: 1.75" x 1" (4.4cm x 2.4cm)

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