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Phosphosiderite - Tumbled

Phosphosiderite - Tumbled


Phosphosiderite is a member of the Metavariscite group and is an iron phosphate. This stone can range from purple to lavender, pink, red, green and brown. The lavender is a stone for the higher consciousness and aligns you with your higher self and purpose. It gently integrates the information of the soul from the higher chakras and the Akashic records down through the body and into the deepest layers of the energy field thus allowing for all parts of you to ascend in a complete way. It heals old wounds, particularly those related to the inner child. It can be used to stimulate joy and bring forth the energy of play. This joy and play can be utilized to restore vigor in areas of your life where these qualities are lacking, such as personal or career. It is very uplifting for both humans and animals and can be useful for those who take life seriously or even struggle with depression. It can stimulate the psychic centers of the head, particularly the third-eye and ears making them more attune and aware. It is also very healing to the heart as it helps you not to become bitter or angry by life's experiences.   It does have a gentle grounding quality because of the iron content and with that brings soft healing to areas of the physical body and energy field that are holding karmic pain from this or other lifetimes. It can host a connection to the fairy and Devic kingdoms. It softens the tissues of the organs and allows for a gentle detox of the cells.


Extra Small:  2-3g (0.071-0.105 oz)
Small: 3-4.5g (0.105-0.159 oz)
Small/ Medium: 4.5-7g (0.159-0.247 oz)
Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)
Medium/ Large: 11-15g (0.388- 0.529 oz)
Large: 15-19g (0.529-0.670 oz)

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