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Opal - Ethiopian, Pendant

Opal - Ethiopian, Pendant


 Opal, Ethiopian - A “Stone of Joy”, it has been used to open the base, crown, and heart chakras. The energy of this stone provides for energy conductive to balance the energy fields.

Ethiopian Opal been used to shield away negativity, and further assists one in recognizing the base of difficulties. It stimulates awareness and inspires intuition. Works to promote clear changes that need to happen in one’s life. It furthers one’s connection to their higher-self, stimulating links to friendships and like-minded people.

Common attributes of all opal are of an enhanced higher consciousness that helps awaken your inner vision, psychic gifts, and mystical qualities. It is known to amplify all aspects of your personality inspiring you to awaken, develop and heal the lesser areas of the self. In this aspect, it is known for happiness in dreams and in changes.

Ethiopian opal has been used in astral travel, stimulates conscious dreaming, and acts as a mirror to reflect one’s inner visions and aspirations. It is a highly creative stone, stimulating originality, ingenuity, and imagination in all situations.

It helps to access and express your true self and is wonderful to help you build your identity. It also has aspects of emotional healing; being that it brings unseen emotions to the surface that need to be healed. It also assists you in taking part in your own healing and owning your own emotions. Ethiopian opal has been shown to provide a healer and subject with clarity and respect during their session. It aids in the treatment of disorders in the lungs, nervous system, mental instability, depression, eating disorders, and balancing weight. 

 0.065 oz (1.8g)

Roughly: 1" x 0.5" 

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