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Jet - Polished, A Grade, Tumbled


Jet - A stone that is immediately calming when held. It helps to ease the mind and release the ‘weight on your shoulders’, which can allow you to let go or put things in perspective. It assists in eliminating fearful thoughts that keep you from truly living your life, while protecting you from illness and violence. As a calming agent, it also helps decrease depression. In business, Jet provides protection to the pursuer and reinforces stability within one’s finances. Its black color would traditionally associate it with the Root Chakra, but it is surprisingly effective with the heart, as it helps clear blockages from the true self.  It also works with the Kundalini and encourages movement of this energy toward the crown when placed on upper areas of the body. It is excellent for circulation and has been used to assist in the treatment of epilepsy, migraines, stomach pain, glandular and lymphatic swelling, hypothermia, and colds.  


Extra Small: 3-4.5g (0.105-0.159 oz)
Small: 4.5-7g (0.159-0.247 oz)
Small/ Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)
Medium: 11-15g (0.388- 0.529 oz)

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