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yellow jasper

Jasper - Yellow, Slab, Polished


Japsers are well known historically for their healing, protective and spiritual properties and yellow jasper is no different.  This stone is gentle and grounding in its energy, but it can work on quite a deep level with particular regard to issues and development of the Solar Plexus chakra and identity.  Yellow jasper penetrates into the consciousness of your identity and helps to instill confidence and clarity about the motivation of the self and others. 

Discernment is a key word hear and if you are subjected to jealously of others, both visible and hidden, working with this stone will help flush out the posers who seek to bring you down.  Yellow jasper has a very balanced energy that sits somewhere between practical and mystical.  There is a sense it can draw you into the mystic, but not so far that you lose yourself and the purpose of your journey.  In this world of duality, it can be easy for us to use the energy of stones to escape the difficulties of earth life, but this stone is wonderful as it opens the door to the great mystery but allows you to bring it back here and live in reality. 

Balance is the name of this game.  This stone is also great in helping you to instill confidence and trust in yourself, which is both protective and productive.  It also can provide a healthy amount of self-reflection particularly with regards to discernment on ones actions.  This stone carries the energy of gentle vitality, positivity, ease and calm.  It also helps ease relations when having to work along side others. 

Yellow jasper helps ease anxiety from the place where the nervous system meets the endocrine system.  It is thus healing for the endocrine system in this way and would be a good stone to hold when transitioning from work to home.  Its color makes it a good support for all the organs of the solar plexus and it could be used in healing excessive phlegm in the body due to stagnant qi.  For some, it is also good stone for writing, helping you to find your words.

3.487 oz (98.8g)

Roughly: 3.5" x 2" (8.8cm x 5cm)

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