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Jasper - Ocean, Tumbled, A Grade

Jasper - Ocean, Tumbled, A Grade


Ocean Jasper - While Ocean Jasper falls into the category of orbicular jasper, this lovely stone from Madagascar has gained its own personality. It can facilitate a major shift in the state of one’s consciousness, from tense and anxious to calm and grounded. This shift would not be associated with an acute trauma or stressor but would relate more to an experience of tension built up over time, including from a project or experience that causes a person to become overstimulated or from a situation such as having a baby or launching a new work project. Even when circumstances surrounding transitions are pleasant, the changes can cause a person to be overly excited for a long period of time and to have a need to release that energy through rest, in order to recuperate for the next big shift. Ocean jasper is a great companion for those who are naturally ambitious and have a drive to be successful. This stone helps to balance that dynamic energy when needed and to realize that relentless driving without rest or balance will eventually turn on itself and work against you. The system needs a balanced energy to be in a place of optimum success. Ocean jasper is excellent for clearing the emotional body of old wounds and provides healing by nurturing the self.


Jasper- Jasper refers to a large group of minerals found all over the planet and that come in all colors.  It is often opaque, patterned and a microcrystalline variety of quartz.  It is very often referred to as the “supreme nurturer” and is beyond comforting for anyone under high stress, emotional trauma, or just carrying feelings of loneliness or isolation.  The energy of jasper is very approachable and accessible for almost anyone.  It is very unifying, aligning and balancing of the aura, chakras and subtle layers of the human energy field.  It is used by shamans in many different cultures and is known for its ability to support spiritual work with particular emphasis on astral travel.  It also is protective against negativity and is very grounding.   It helps you to appreciate moments of isolation and to remember that we are all connected and here to help each other in some form.  It is very good for people who are in hospital or extended medical care, keep their energy strong during long stays in a facility. 


A beautiful tumbled stone will be intuitively hand selected for you by Pink Heart Healing based on your size selection. Origin: Madagascar.

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