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Hypersthene - Tumbled

Hypersthene - Tumbled


Hypersthene helps you to dispel criticalness both against the self and others so you may view a situation without judgment. In addition, it allows you to see a situation from another’s perspective thus being a great stone to help you be more compassionate when in a disagreement and it can help you see how to make a stalled situation move forward. It helps foster self-respect and dispels the negative aspect of excessive pride. It can be used to solve problems and, when used in meditation, can be very effective to find solutions for problems. It can help you stand up for what is right. It helps open the door to unlimited opportunities and helps you maintain health, professional and personal relationships. Can be used to stimulate clairaudience.

You will receive one similar to the photo.  Pink Heart Healing will select one for you.

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