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Howlite - Tumbled

Howlite - Tumbled


Howlite- It promotes understanding of the self and how our negative patterns are limiting and based on the ego.  It allows you to understand illusion and witness the effects of belief systems in your life.  It helps one to understand imbalances in the ego and promotes knowledge of a spiritual understanding of the ego.  Assists with communication and speaking ones mind.  It is a stone of the earth plane and helps you to be present, particularly during daily activities. It helps you to understand coldness and non-compassionate energies. When feeling stress, pain or rage, Howlite helps to ease these feelings. It will encourage tact and subtlety. Calcium levels in the body may be regulated with this stone by stimulating or decreasing, depending on the area.

A beautiful piece will be hand selected for you by Pink Heart Healing. 

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