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Calcite - Green, Chunks

Calcite - Green, Chunks


Green Calcite - An excellent stone for healing; its energy is soft and soothing. It helps you to access memories stored within the physical body. When learning the art of energy healing, it is a great teacher. Helps to pull impurities out of the body.

Calcite is one of the most widely used and respected minerals in crystal healing. Whether a seasoned professional or newbie in the crystal realm, calcite never disappoints. It comes in a wide range of colors and grows in countless formations. It's also abundant in nature and can be found on every continent. It has soft, gentle energy yet is remarkably penetrating.

It amplifies energy, which is excellent for the removal of negativity. Calcite is very calming to the mind and can alleviate emotional stress. It's known for boosting many different types of memory and helps you discern what memory to keep or release. It promotes the development of emotional intelligence. It also aids with self-trust and helps combat laziness by turning negativity into positive motivation.

Medium: 30-40g 
Medium/ Large: 40-50g 
Large: 50-60g 
Large/ Extra Large: 60-70g 
Extra Large: 70-80g                                                                                                       Extra Large/ XX Large: 80-90g                                                                                                    XX Large: 90-100g                                                                                                           XXX Large: 100-120g                                                                                                        XXX Large:120-140

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