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Fuchsite - A-Grade, Rough


Fuchsite – A form of Mica, a stone of love and compassionate energy, provides nourishing healing vibration to one's body. This stone can push you into a very relaxed state and is excellent for deep meditation. This mineral offers reflection so that one may recognize the flaws within humanity yet remain in the space of love. It improves one's ability to examine problems and solutions related to basic needs and personal concerns. 

This stone yields an excellent practical value, enhancing interactions with others, the material world, physical well-being, productivity, and career objectives. When meditating with this stone, one may access information regarding their health, daily schedule, stress, pets, everyday environments, and co-workers. 

It has been known to enhance knowledge and good decision-making in law enforcement and holistic medicine fields. Herbal remedies and holistic methods can be accessed with channeling with Fuchsite. Psychologically, this stone helps eliminate servitude issues from past and present lives. It reverses a tendency toward falling into savior or rescuer mode, which results in becoming a victim.

Fuchsite shows how to be of service without tangled up in power struggles and false humility. It also enhances one's resilience after tense situations in the physical and emotional body, and it brings to light the knowledge of innate perfection within every person. 

Roughly: 0.410 oz (11.6g)

1.25" x 1" (3.1cm x 2.5cm)

*Fragile, could flake off during travel*

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