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Dumortierite- Polished


Dumortierite - This is a stone of patience, particularly when trying to find their way in life.  When leaving one path and taking up a new direction, this stone is excellent for helping ease in a new direction, mainly when there is no total clarity. 

This stone encourages confidence in one’s actions, especially when they feel called by their high power. It is excellent in instilling faith, mainly when faith has been lost or severed, by finding one’s internal power and light.  

It is excellent for finding mental clarity and having better judgment, which connects it to the third-eye chakra.  It is also a good Throat Chakra stone, helping one stand up for themselves and endure harsh conditions while doing so – helping to keep one centered during that time.

This stone can also help you be honest with yourself and be grounded in the truth.  It also can be helpful in relationships, so you are grounded and honest about a potential partner.  You cannot avoid the fact with this stone.

This stone also tends to a grounded, practical, masculine energy of the higher mind, where intellect and reason outweigh force and action. It is a good stone for a man and helps balance the male or yang energy in women who need to develop these traits for balance.  It can also help understand that perceived reality is an illusion and needs to be constantly re-evaluated and released from attachment. 

We bought this as Lazulite, and after testing was done it's found as Dumortierite.

2.010 oz (57.1g)

Roughly: 2" x 1.75" (5cm x 4.2cm)

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