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Quartz - Columbian Lemurian (Columbia Plasma Quartz)

Quartz - Columbian Lemurian (Columbia Plasma Quartz)


This stunning AA grade quartz point is from the recently-mined Columbian Lemurian seed crystals.  It is exceptionally clear and displays the horizontal ridges associated with the original Lemurian seed crystals found in Brazil.  Excellent tool for a light worker or crystal healer as it brings an immense amount of light.  Would be excellent in meditation as a tool to improve channeling communication with spirit realm, and a teacher of ancient healing techniques.  These tools help to release the confines of rigid mental and logical thinking and integrate intuition and emotion for a more complete experience.  These crystals bring an expansive space in the heart and a deep emotional healing.  They bring balance and harmony while promoting the feminine energies.  These crystals attune us to the all that is; allowing us to feel supported and loved, both in this realm and the next.

*** Very Small Chip on the tip.

42.5g (1.499 oz)

Roughly: 2.75" x 1" (6.5cm x 2.3cm)

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