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Charoite - Palm, Polished, AA-Grade


Charoite - A stone that ranges from purple to pinkish purple and can have inclusions of quartz and manganese. It is mainly mined from the Chara River in Russia. Charoite is considered a stone for transformation and is noted to be a stone for the age. It helps sync the heart and the crown Chakras to allow spiritual energy to ground unconditional love.

It helps to overcome fear, stimulates spiritual insight and is a beautiful companion to those dealing with tremendous change. It helps with acceptance of your situation and to put things into perspective. It assists with emotional and physical healing converting dis-ease into wellness. It allows one to accept others and positively recognize and integrate negative aspects of the self.   It encourages an open heart and brings forth one’s giving nature, allowing you to see with love and understand that we are all connected.

It has magical qualities and helps you to allow magic into your life. It can be used in vision work and as a protection charm in your environment. Charoite can bring purity to the self and help you see how you create your challenges. It is excellent to help sustain your attention span, increase your analytical abilities and align you with precision in your method.

Country of Origin: Russia

1.130 oz (32g)

Roughly: 1.75" x 1.25" (4.4cm x 3.1cm)

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