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Calcite - Blue, Heart, Small

Calcite - Blue, Heart, Small


Blue Calcite is a soft healing stone that promotes a positive and peaceful existence, so is very useful for promoting inner peace. It helps you to align with your higher self, allowing you to enter into a state of clarity. Blue calcite helps to release pessimism, fear, and negative emotions. It is good for overall heath and positive thinking. It clears and opens the Throat Chakra and regulates the connection between the voice and the mind. It aids in clear communication, particularly during times of crisis and dissent. Blue calcite is excellent for producing  state of relaxation and facilitating recuperation after a stressful time. It has been used to help lower blood pressure and to gain relief from all forms of physical pain. It is a good stone for a healer, helping to distinguish the subtle nuances of the energy field and to determine the difference between the effects of nature and nurture when understanding the history of a client. 



Calcite is one of the most widely used and respected minerals in crystal healing. Whether a seasoned professional or newbie in the crystal realm, calcite never disappoints.  It comes in a wide range of colors and grows in countless formations. It’s also abundant in nature and can be found on every continent. It has a soft, gentle energy, yet remarkably penetrating. It amplifies energy; which is excellent for removal of negativity.  Calcite is very calming to the mind and can alleviate emotional stress. It’s known for boosting many different types of memory and helps you discern what memory to keep or release. It promotes development of emotional intelligence.  It also aids with self-trust and helps combat laziness by turning negativity into positive motivation.


Approximate size: 3" x 3" (7cm x 7cm)

From Madagascar.

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