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Bustamite - Polished, Cabochon

Bustamite - Polished, Cabochon


Bustamite- It is a stone for soul healing, and It carries the love vibration and works to open the layers of the energy field so love may penetrate the deepest layer of the soul. It is very healing and opens the heart to receive love. It also helps the mind relax and aids in meditation by getting you aligned with your perfect self. It can assist in bringing someone back into their body after trauma. It is very healing for the heart as it helps release stress during stressful situations

 It creates a bond with angelic beings and helps you connect with divine light. It is excellent if you need to remove yourself from a situation, but part of you can't let go. You could use it for channeling, and it would be used as a support stone to help develop the Clair senses, particularly clairsentience and claircognizance.  

Bustamite is a tool for a healer and a powerful stone for energy work. It can reseat unstable and dislodged areas of the energy field. It can help realign and reroute energy pathways of the body and can move whole sections of the energy field back into alignment. It could be used to consult with healing guides about performing specific healing techniques.  

You could also use it as a talisman to understand the relationship and group dynamics. It would help you to feel the dynamic of the interpersonal relationship. When consulting, it would seat you back in your body long enough to not be biased and read the situation for what it is, not for what you want.    

Bustamite is a calcium manganese inosilicate that ranges in color from light to dark pink to red and brown. The most common location for this material is the Kalahari manganese field, Northern CapeSouth Africa, where it occurs with Sugilite, Richterite, and Hematite. Specimens are also found from the Franklin Mining District, NJ, and Broken Hill District, New South Wales, Australia. Bustamite was named in honor of General Anastasio Bustamante of Mexico.  

Location of Origin:  South Africa

Roughly: 0.630 oz (17.9g)

2" x 1" (5cm x 2.5cm) 

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