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Beryl var. Heliodor - Etched

Beryl var. Heliodor - Etched


Beryl var. Heliodor – Heliodor is the yellow variety of beryl and depending on the depth of color it is sometimes referred to as golden beryl.   It is a terrific stone for the Solar Plexus Chakra, as it stimulates and activates that chakra which in turns actives the intellect, identity, and personal power.  The alignment properties of beryl thus are particularly aligning of the solar plexus and thus also aids in manifestation, abundance and achieving one’s goals.  While is excellent for activating the Solar Plexus, it is not overly assertive, in fact it helps one in exhibiting compassion, understanding and appreciation.  It is a good stone for someone who wishes to temper over-assertiveness and wants to improve in the handling of delicate issues.  It also brings improved communication on the whole. It facilitates the opening to higher wisdom and knowledge and brings a balance between intuition and consciousness and activating the crown chakra.  It clears impurities from the energy field and is good for beaming protective light around objects. 

Beryl, Etched- These lovely and special little crystals formed completely in the earth in a gas filled cavity and then the cavity filled with some sort of caustic liquid and began to dissolve the crystal structure leaving what we know as etched beryl.  These crystals not only take on the quality of their beryls and their associated color, but their distress and erosion brings something more to the table.  The cooler colors such have been suggested in treatment of inflammation. 

Country of Origin: Brazil

Approximate Size: 1in x .5in (3cm x 1.5cm)

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