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barite vanadinite

Barite - w/ Vanadinite


BARITE (with a little Vanadinite)
This mineral is excellent for focus and defining goals. It will help you conserve your energy for what’s best for you and create boundaries in that same space. It’s excellent in meditation and helps promote inner vision so you can see and sense your best path.  

Barite is the stone for the procrastinator, allowing you to align with what needs to be done and get to work. It is a stone to help you go for your dreams without restraint. It is healing to the second chakra as it can organize the energy in the chakra, allowing you to be able to think through emotions. 

Vanadinite is a great to help empty the mind during meditation and helps your to go into a void of totally stillnessProtest a dynamic energy flow from crown to root and stimulates the Kundalini.  Great color for the second chakra and it aligns you with the optimum self.  Treats exhaustion and breathing disorders and lung issues. 

3.120oz (88.5g)

Roughly 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm)

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