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Angelite Hearts

Angelite - Hearts


Angelite or Blue Anhydrite- Angelite is a member of the Anhydrite family. It is a stone for communication both with physical and with etheric beings.   Its color lends it to the Throat chakra, but it can also stimulate the Heart and Third-eye chakras.  It can be used to communicate with the angels, enhances telepathic communication, and enhances communication with spirit guides, animal totems and benevolent ancestors. It can be used positively with journeying, astral travel and connection with other realms.  It can open a safe path for channeling and psychic healing as it connects you with dimensions of a higher, positive frequency.  It can also help you psychically traverse the energy field  during healing so one may get a better understanding of the depth, condition and contents of the energy field in question.  It can also help you to connect and dispel anger, particularly hidden anger and thus speak your truth in a clear and orderly way.  Do not be surprised upon holding this stone if you find yourself working, out loud, unresolved conversations with those by whom you feel slighted.   It is a stone that promotes peace, both personally and globally and really does push one to the path of conscious awareness.  It is a stone that can bring new beginnings and rebirth in the personal and energetic sense, when one needs to completely let go of who they once were or the negative experiences of the past which no longer serve them.  In physical healing, it is recommending for treating infectious disease, inflammation and issues with the throat and thymus.  It is very aligning of the heart, seeming to suggest that it can help the heart find a regular rhythm, and thus energetically may aid in helping irregularities. 


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