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Amblygonite- Raw

Amblygonite- Raw


This mineral contains lithium and is noted for it’s calming and soothing energy.  It is recognized in its excellence for comforting those suffering from inner conflict.  In an energetic sense it seems to unwind that which is tangled and create a harmonizing effect.  It will help you to recognize when you are conflicted and thus help you to identify why you are conflicted.  It will then help you to sort through the conflict, so you may determine the just cause and correct outcome.  It is particularly useful in this manner when one is conflicted because of a relationship with another.  It is also useful in finding strength and comfort when you need to end the relationship.  A stone that helps you to channel your own divinity and is useful for those in artistic pursuits.  It will help you to recognize when you are coming from a place of negativity and help you to eradicate that tendency.  This is particularly true when you have a tendency of negativity toward others and can be used to heal cattiness through mindfulness and self-reflection.  In this space, it can help you to see the world through another’s eyes, and find a poetic sense of their point of view.   It is a good stone to stabilize energy of a space when “gridding” and it makes an excellent offering stone for an altar.  It helps with healing vision, mending of broken bones and is suggested for healing with genetic disorders. 

Country of Origin: Brazil

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