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violet agate

Agate - Violet, Polished


Agate, Violet – is the name for a wide variety of banded chalcedony specimens. Agate uses etheric energies to balance the physical, mental, and subtle bodies of the user. It stabilizes the aura and transforms negative energy into smooth, functional, and positive forces.

It has a highly cleansing effect and brings harmony to the yin-yang energies, directing one to precise examination of the self and situations that pertain to one’s well-being. Those with hidden talents may experience an awakening of new skills with this stone. Precision and analytical capabilities are heightened, bringing those with hidden talents an awakening of skills.

Agate is used to connect with and produce inspiration from the forces residing in the spiritual realm. In historic times, it was also used in cooking and placed in drinking water to treat illness. It is believed that agate aids in stronger sight and decreased thirst, along with promoting fidelity in marriage. In addition to these properties, the agate family offers a plethora of different types that each carry unique energy patterns and qualities.

 1.370 oz (38.8g)

Roughly: 2.25" x 1.25" ( 5.7cm x 3.1cm)

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