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About us


I am Beth Ann Kennedy and I am a professional crystal healer and psychic medium.  I have had a connection to crystals since I was a child and I now work with them every day to help others heal and evolve.  Every stone here has been selected for by hand and has a distinct role to play in your healing.  

I have traveled across the US selling crystals and realized its impossible to reach everyone in person, so we moved our shop online.   When selecting crystals, its important to pay attention to what you are drawn too.  Trust your instincts and you will always pick the right crystal for you.

I am currently located in Denver, CO and I do travel teaching crystal healing and performing crystal healing sessions and giving readings.  For more information you can find me on my Facebook business page of Pink Heart Healing.  I am also on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

Remember, crystals can help with almost anything, so keep an open heart and enjoy the journey.  

Many thanks and blessings,