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About Beth Ann Kennedy

Beth Ann Kennedy is a crystal expert, psychic, and teacher of the healing and intuitive arts. Her work focuses on personal growth, the development of intuition, and the expansion of consciousness.

Beth Ann Kennedy

As a healer, empath, and psychic medium, Beth Ann is able to receive messages that reveal a more profound and often very raw truth. She can see blocks and health challenges resulting from the mind and body connection. Her work is dedicated to mapping and interpreting the human energy field in order to evolve the understanding of consciousness. Where modern society tends to focus on the advancement of technology, Beth Ann’s research aims to bring light to humanity’s ability to connect to and attain higher consciousness.

Since 2007, Beth Ann has developed a highly dimensional career working with intuition, healing crystals, and personal development as both student and practitioner. Her approach is embedded in the Buddhist Philosophy of the “Middle Path,” which seeks to find balance between extremes. Her work in crystal healing finds equilibrium between dualities, navigating pragmatic reality with the unlimited potential of the universe and spirit world. She uses her “common sense” style when teaching and working with clients by focusing on positivity while embracing reality to heal and work through issues.