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Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stones

Agate - Blue Lace, Tumbled


This blue and white member of the agate family is a trusted stone associated with the throat chakra but it can be useful with all of the upper chakras. It has a gentle and calming energy that is soft and receptive. It is excellent in aiding in communication by opening the throat chakra and allowing for positive self-expression. It dissolves old blocks against self-expression including fear of being judged, repression, and ridicule that may have been seeded in childhood. It also helps those who need to filter their words do so with grace. It is excellent for those who need to perform public speaking as it assists with a powerful voice, allowing your words to be heard. It is also good for helping to connect with the higher self and discern truth.

A beautiful tumbled stone will be intuitively hand selected for you by Pink Heart Healing based on your size selection. Origin: South Africa

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