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Fire Agate

Agate - Fire, Tumbled


Agate,  Fire- Fire agate is extraordinarily calming and grounding and offers a deep connection with the earth.  It has a very protective energy particularly around those who wish you ill will or spell casting as it creates a protective shield.  It also promotes a strong sense of security, dispels fear and assists in positive self-introspection. It is very useful to assisting people who have an aversion to personal development by dispelling the negative resistance to that pursuit.  It is a stone that promotes vitality, the movement of Kundalini and positive expression of sexual energy.  It is loving and helps you to be the best version of yourself and connects you with the spiritual flame of absolute perfection.  It resonates with the triple burner meridian, brings the body back into balance and reduces hot flashes by releasing heat from the body.  It can prevent energy burn out and helps heal a blown chakra. 

You will receive one similar to the photo.  Pink Heart Healing will select one for you.

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