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Azurite, Malachite - Polished Sphere, A Grade

Azurite, Malachite - Polished Sphere, A Grade


Azurite- This deep blue stone is a stone par excellence for developing your intuition and stimulating your third eye. Called the “stone of heaven,” Azurite is likened to the vibration of the blue ray.

Azurite stimulates intuitive guidance and psychic abilities as well as enhancing dreams and channeling states. It can help eliminate worry, stress, grief, and indecision.

It clears fears and phobias and helps you release old belief systems that are no longer serving you. It helps you to move forward without fear and allows you to reach for new insights and endeavors with positivity.

Azurite stimulates the intellect as well as the intuition and helps to expand the mind. It can heal holes in the aura, making you less vulnerable to psychic attack and fatigue.

It enhances creativity, self-confidence and stimulates one's compassionate and empathic nature. It works with spinal alignments and circulatory issues.

Malachite is considered the stone of transformation. If you are looking to elicit deep change in your life this is the stone for you. It is blunt and direct and you can’t hide from its message. It will help you to see even the darkest corners of yourself. It is excellent in protecting you from negative energies and also as a shield from nuclear and electromagnetic radiation. It can open the heart to unconditional love and is great support for those needing to heal the relationship to the divine masculine or from the not-so-divine masculine. It also works in the development of willpower and is useful for people needing to refuse temptations. It can be used for the release of emotions related to traumas that one can or cannot remember. It can help in attaining goals by helping you to see why you’re stuck and help you to clear the obstacles in your path.

5.603 oz (159g)

Roughly: 1.75" (4.4cm)

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