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Jasper, Red - Tumbled

Jasper, Red - Tumbled


Red Jasper has both nurturing and stimulating properties. Its red color stimulates the Root/Base Chakra and is known to enhance the chi/qi. It opens the channels of energy to move qi up through the spine. This can stimulate the Kundalini energy when used with intent, but it will not cause an awakening spontaneously, as it is not aggressive in its energy.

It has a subtle grounding effect that gently pulls and aligns one in their body without a jolt. It thus keeps one level-headed and aware of life’s situations, which is a form of protection. It also has a clearing and calming energy, which gives a stabilizing feeling, which is remarkably rewarding. It is an excellent worry stone and is calming to the emotions. It also is lovely to sleep with as it can be used as a calming sleep aid or can be used with dream recall to remember key aspects of one’s dreams where teaching has occurred.

Red Jasper is also used energetically in rectifying unjust situations and circumstances by providing insight into how to right the wrong. This will come in the form of letting go, turning the other cheek, finding innocence or guilt, powerful ways to deal with the situation, or some unique answer. It will, most importantly, help you to understand all is not lost with regard to victimization or tragedy. It also can facilitate rescue in times of danger

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