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Turquoise - Slabs , A Grade

Turquoise - Slabs , A Grade


Turquoise- It immediately raises your vibration, giving you a sense of peace and calm.  It can bring you into a new level of conscious awareness, a place where one can evolve and heal fully; releasing negative or mis-qualified energies that are no longer useful.  On a practical basis turquoise is excellent to help one in a situation where the vibration needs to be raised, for example in ‘being the better person’ or in a poor work or home environment when negativity is involved. If one is evolving on a spiritual path, this is an essential stone that helps with a rebirth.

 We believe it is from Nevada, although we can not say for sure.

Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)
Medium/ Large: 11-15g (0.388- 0.529 oz)
Large: 15-19g (0.529-0.670 oz)
Large/ Extra Large: 19-22g (0.670- 0.78 oz)

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