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Garnet - Rhodolite, Polished, Tumbled

Garnet - Rhodolite, Polished, Tumbled


Garnet, Rhodolite – This stone acts as a conductor of energy from the base chakra to the crown chakra. It can initiate the rise of the Kundalini while supporting healthy movement of all chakras. Rhodolite stimulates inspiration through love via the heart and mind. It is a catalyst for metaphysical processes that enhance meditative and channeling states. It is also an excellent stabilizer, providing calm assurance throughout the physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies. Its gentle energies connect one to guardian angels and inner guides, including the wordless voice of the heart. In times of contemplation, this crystal helps guide one toward balance and active solitude accompanied with harmony. This stone can be used for conditions requiring regenerative forces, especially dealing the heart and lungs.


Extra Small:  2-3g (0.071-0.105 oz)
Small: 3-4.5g (0.105-0.159 oz)
Small/ Medium: 4.5-7g (0.159-0.247 oz)
Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)
Medium/ Large: 11-18g (0.388- 0.634 oz)

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