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Bloodstone - Tumbled

Bloodstone - Tumbled


Bloodstone is a green Chalcedony with flecks of red jasper from several locations around the world.  It is most commonly known as a stone of courage and a great healer and purifier of negativity

It is a stone associated with mystery and magic and used to be an oracle for asking and answering questions and connecting to the ancestors.  It can be used for planning, decision-making and dealing with unexpected events.  It is both groundings and stimulating for the Root Chakra and opening and healing for the Heart Chakra. 

It can help with an obtainment of higher consciousness and opens one's eye’s to see past the limits of one's mind.  It is also very calming to the mind and aligns the subtle energy bodies so one may harness and live the reality of harmony, peace, wisdom, strength, and non-attachment.

It is considered a stone of rebirth and renewal personally and in relationships. It can help you accept change and develop positive philosophies and a state of calm when change is occurring.  It has also been suggested that it brings an acceptance of one's mortality when dealing with end-of-life struggles.  It can be used to increase talents, creativity, and abilities and help one to release selfishness.

Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)
Medium/ Large: 11-15g (0.388- 0.529 oz)

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