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Quartz, Lemurian

Quartz, Lemurian/ Lemurian Seed- The term ‘Lemurian” was introduced to us from a famous crystal author Katrina Raphaell, who channeled the Lemurian crystals to receive the information that was stored in them from the people of Lemuria (The Lemurian Seed Crystals by Katrina Raphaell, The Crystal Buzz International Newsletter, Issue 12.) The people of Lemuria are from the land of Lemuria, which is known to be like Atlantis. Katrina has found that these beings existed on the earth plane before Lemuria and were a part of the natural seedings of star systems. It is thought that these crystals were planted on earth in the last days of Lemuria, for the purpose providing us information. These crystals were found placed in rows as if they were planted not attached to other minerals or rocks, this is why they can be referenced as seed crystals. These crystals contain ridges that are horizontal and meditating while running your fingers down the ridges can unlock information and knowledge stored in the Lemurian. Katrina found that Lemurian seed crystals were like “seeds of information”. These crystals were only found in one specific spot in Brazil at the Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Due to this true Lemurian seed crystals are hard to find and can often be misidentified. Genuine Lemurian seed crystals will have etched striations on all sides, they may look frosted, and the inside will be very clear. Many people are now using the term “Lemurian” to describe the formation as well as reference the etched lines that hold information and records. These Lemurians will form a tapered wand like shape, and when you look down at the formation it will have a triangular structure. Besides the information stored in these crystals, they are extremal helpful for healing. They conduct, amplify, and focus on the universal life force while aiding the healing power of the healer.  They help bring balance and help with detachment.