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Obsidian - Apache Tear, Tumbled

Obsidian - Apache Tear, Tumbled


Apache Tear is an energetically softer form of obsidian that comes from Arizona.  It is considered the premier stone by healers for dealing and healing all forms of grief. It softens the heart chakra, helps release the grief and provides understanding of the origin of the suffering. It provides both comfort and insight to alleviate the suffering.  It promotes both forgiveness and the release of grievances against another.  It stimulates analytical thinking, mental precision and the removal of self-limiting beliefs.  It reunites the fragmented pieces of the self that have been torn apart by trauma.  It helps expel the venom of snake bites, helps with the assimilation of vitamins C and D, helps release toxins from the body and alleviates muscle spasms.


Obsidian, Black-  is a powerful stone that works on many different areas.  It is a stone for creativity in all endeavors and it helps you own to your truth, as it forces you to face your unconscious.  It is a protective stone as it repels negativity in your environment and dispels unloving thoughts.  It cleanses the aura from disharmony, attachments, and negative emotions such as anger, greed, resentment, jealousy and fear.   It is an “asking stone” and can be used in all types of scrying, vision work and communication with the spirit world.  It is also a stone that can be used in ceremony to help ground spiritual energies in the physical. In addition using black obsidian in ceremony will help connect with ascended masters to receive information about existence, consciousness and divine forgiveness.


A beautiful tumbled stone will be intuitively hand selected for you based on your size selection. 

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