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Obsidian - Spider Web, Polished, Sphere

Obsidian - Spider Web, Polished, Sphere


Obsidian is a non-lustrous volcanic glass cooled so rapidly it did not crystalize.  Obsidian is a beloved mineral for its honesty, power and quickness. Obsidian will show you where your flaws and blind spot are and swiftly show you how to eliminate them.  It helps you do drop all limits and boundaries and really recognize that anything is possible.  You cannot hide anything from obsidian and it speaks only the truth, with some forms being more blunt than others.  It pushes us to grow past our limits and get in touch with things hidden under the surface from both this and other life times.  For those who have had excessive trauma, this is a stone to use sparingly and it can be important to have someone to work with when difficult things come to the surface.  It can be utilized to gather inner vision and find a course of action.  It is a grounding and protecting stone, shielding one from physical and emotional harm.  It also shields against negativity both on the person and in the home by transmuting the negativity.  It is useful for healers to help identify unconscious causes of illnesses by facilitating the correct questions to ask the client.  It can also help promote psychic visions.

Obsidian, Spider Web -  is dark blue/grey in color with intricate characteristic “spider web” type patterns and markings in a lighter grey/green/blue color. The frequency of Spider Web Obsidian connects to the third eye chakra. It helps one to see the bigger picture and gently holds and supports one energetically so that one may have clarity. It has a protective and supportive energy and helps one to “see” and understand the rights and wrongs concerning issues within one’s life, supporting one to “go within” to receive guidance from oneself. It helps dispel deeply held emotions and help release those that are negative. Spider Web Obsidian is said to provide strength in times of need. It can bring calm and reduce stress.


7.760oz (220g)

Roughly: 6.6" (17cm) Diameter 

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