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Chrysocolla with  Malachite - Large Polished Free Form

Chrysocolla with Malachite - Large Polished Free Form


Chrysocolla is an aqua blue mineral from the copper family, which is known for its peaceful and tranquil energy. It is a stone to honor and develop the divine feminine in all people and it connects you on a spiritual level with the Goddess.   It brings a level of awareness to your inner and energetic self and clears and aligns all the chakras with divine energy. It also helps with self-awareness and can promote good communication when providing sacred messages. It is a stone for the heart and it helps to ease and heal heartache and break. It aligns all the chakras from the base through the throat. It dissolves negativity of all kinds with particular emphasis on negative emotions. It can help create stamina and physical vitality and is good to support one through stressful or ongoing situations. It also assists with patience, inner peace and reduces mental tensions. It has been used to help heal the pancreas and energetically balance blood sugars. It can help you attune to what you need to support and manifest perfect health.

Malachite is considered the stone of transformation.  If you are looking to elicit deep change in your life this is the stone for you.  It is blunt and direct and you can’t hide from its message.  It will help you to see even the darkest corners of yourself.  It is excellent in protecting you from negative energies and also as a shield from nuclear and electromagnetic radiation.  It can open the heart to unconditional love and is great support for those needing to heal the relationship to the divine masculine or from the not-so-divine masculine.  It also works in the development of willpower and is useful for people needing to refuse temptations.  It can be used for the release of emotions related to traumas that one can or cannot remember.  It can help in attaining goals by helping you to see why you’re stuck and help you to clear the obstacles in your path. 

Location: Peru 

1.8 lbs (681g)

3.5" x 2.5" (9.5 x 6.5 cm) Roughly

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