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Chrysocolla - Shattuckite, Tumbled

Chrysocolla - Shattuckite, Tumbled


Chrysocolla is an aqua blue mineral from the copper family, which is known for its peaceful and tranquil energy. It is a stone to honor and develop the divine feminine in all people and it connects you on a spiritual level with the Goddess.   It brings a level of awareness to your inner and energetic self and clears and aligns all the chakras with divine energy. It also helps with self-awareness and can promote good communication when providing sacred messages. It is a stone for the heart and it helps to ease and heal heartache and break. It aligns all the chakras from the base through the throat. It dissolves negativity of all kinds with particular emphasis on negative emotions. It can help create stamina and physical vitality and is good to support one through stressful or ongoing situations. It also assists with patience, inner peace and reduces mental tensions. It has been used to help heal the pancreas and balance blood sugars. It can help you attune to what you need to support and manifest perfect health.

Shattuckite is a stone you step into, an advanced stone for an advancing consciousness. It hears and sees beyond what is perceived as real and helps you to edit your thoughts and put them in order. It allows you to access wisdom from other dimensions and bring it back here to where the mortals dwell. It brings divine understanding in a world ruled by human beings, with a very human consciousness. Shattuckite imparts great wisdom on the user as it helps you not only to receive information via intuition and channeling, but it also promotes the maturity to help utilize that information.   As it thinks, it creates space in your head to think and have the relevant thoughts be heard, louder than all others.

The color of Shattuckite stimulates the energies found in the throat chakra and also the chakras of the eyes and of the heart.   Among the countless energies associated with these chakras, Shattuckite enhances these energies to assist with channeling of higher beings.   It flat out prevents you from coming into contact with unsavory spirits when communing with the spirit realm. It also prevents dark entities from attaching or entering your physical body, an experience that is commonly referred to as demonic possession.

You will receive one similar to the photo.  Pink Heart Healing will select one for you.

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