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Agate - Blue/ Chalcedony, Blue, Polished Sticks, AAA Grade

Agate - Blue/ Chalcedony, Blue, Polished Sticks, AAA Grade


Agate, Blue - Blue Agate like most other agates, is a chalcedony, a member of the quartz family or minerals. This blue stone provides calmness, lessens negative energy and stresses. It's helpful to release tension and aid in relaxation. All agate mineral rocks vibrate at a slower, less intense rate which impart strength and stability. As one of the most healing stones, Blue Agate can help with mental and physical ailments. This stone unfolds a tremendous power to provide protection, bring forth ideas, strengthen self-confidence and self-acceptance. When one finds them self to be angry, breathe deeply while holding the stone and allow the blue energy to dissipate the angry red energy. Set your intentions on balancing your emotions and bringing yourself into a place of calmness. Excellent Stone for the Throat and Third-Eye Chakra. 

Location of Origin: Malawi

Small/ Medium:4.5-7g (0.159-0.247 oz)
Medium: 7-11g (0.247-0.388 oz)
Medium/Large: 11-15g (0.388- 0.529 oz)
Large: 15-19g (0.529-0.670 oz)
Large/Extra Large:19-22g (0.670- 0.78 oz)

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