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Apatite- Apatite is a stone of mystical creation, as it is known to be stone to take you to the interface point between consciousness and matter where you can bring forth divine manifestation.  It brings an expansion of knowledge and the path of truth to freedom.  It promotes a humble and humanitarian attitude, opening you up to the act of service. It can be used to stimulate the intellect as well as finding your strength through the energy of love. It induces openness and eases social anxiety, dissolves aloofness and alienation. It harmonizes well with other stones, allowing you to obtain and actualize results.  It increases motivation and assists you with building energy reserves.  It is extremely balancing of the energy systems, balancing over-activity and under-activity of chakras and integrating of the layers of the energy field.  It is very useful in the development of the psychic senses, connection with past and future lives, UFO’s, telepathy and the Devic Kingdom.   It is helpful for hyperactive and autistic children.   It is known as the stone of the future and attunes you into the finer vibration of the higher self.  It has helped with hunger suppression.

Apatite, Blue- High level of spiritual guidance, facilitates public speaking, enhances group communication, opens the throat and third-eye chakras.  Helps you to own and speak your truth and speak from your gut with confidence and knowing.  Good for those who are developing their clair-senses.  Very good for psychics who channel and want to look deeper into mystical realms and supports total alignment with universal wisdom.   

Apatite, Yellow- is the most direct and intense of the entire apatite group.  It is attuned to the Yellow Ray, the solar plexus, the will, the identity and the ego.  It has a slightly masculine energy and can help with drive, focus and decision-making.  It can help you to find what you want in the terms of life path, goals and manifestations.  It can also help you to be more open in social situations and apply charm and open your charisma when necessary.   It can help you to take risks and to boldly go after your dreams without fear.  It is a detoxifier of the internal organs.  This stone can be a bit strong for those who already have an assertive personality.